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Every geographic market has its own unique personality. We are diligent in our research to understand the challenges of the competition, the nuances of the demographics, the vibe of each neighborhood; we're unusually adept at translating all of that data into the perfect environment for the target audience. Real success is measured by the level of acceptance within that group. Currently we are engaging in just that process in a number of markets from New England to South Florida.



  • Baltimore, MD — A 224-unit apartment development in trendy Federal Hill neighborhood - a stone's throw away from the Inner Harbor


  • Philadelphia, PA — Repositioning of a 17-story, 231-unit apartment building, ideally located directly adjacent to the city's regional rail line


  • Orlando, FL — A 26 story mixed-use high-rise, with 394 multifamily units and 26,500 square feet of commercial space


  • Cumberland, GA — A 269 unit, luxury multi-family mid-rise, just outside the Atlanta city limits
  • Atlanta, GA — 435 units in a luxury 29 story high-rise, with over 15,000 square feet of amenity space
  • Sandy Springs, GA — A 340 unit, mixed-use mid-rise, with 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail


  • Harrison, NJ — A 270+ unit mid-rise in a commuter-oriented neighborhood that will include 15,000 square feet of retail space
  • Hoboken, NJ — A 128 unit mid-rise, with a private shuttle just minutes to the Hoboken Terminal and Path Train to lower Manhattan


  • Washington, DC — A 480 unit, high-rise, with 340,000 square feet of first-floor retail,  in S.W. DC
  • Washington, DC — A 220 unit, 11 story high rise, on a historical redevelopment site in S.W.  DC — LEED Silver
  • Washington, DC — 269 units in a 15 story high rise
  • Washington, DC — Two high-rise towers, totaling 260 luxury units, flanking twin, iconic, I.M. Pei-designed towers by the emerging new SW DC waterfront